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What do we do ?

First we read

We read…

We read aloud children’s picture books and books that move us, books that offer access to poetry and the imagination.
We read individually and in small groups, from birth to old age.
We also read with those who cannot read, with those who do not like to read or think they do not like to read,
with those who cannot read or think they cannot read.
We read in the most heterogeneous places, wherever the book makes sense.
We read alongside other adults, parents and professionals;
with them we discover other effects and other powers of the book without ever exhausting all the mystery.
We read with people who, nourished by stories, will be able, for themselves or with others, to read in turn.
And nurture their inner world.

And also…

Because we need to nurture, relay, perpetuate and multiply these meetings in the field, we are developing actions complementary, a constellation that testifies to the multiple contributions and effects of shared readings:

Shared readings
Each year, Read With Me develops more than 200 reading projects with its partners. To do this, we rely on a methodology and a philosophy of action with which we develop our approach to reading aloud.
Training is at the heart of the Read With Me project, in various forms. More than 70 days of internships are thus provided in the territories each year, for professionals, volunteers, parents, students or anyone interested.
Reading committees
Each semester, we invite professionals, volunteers, children’s picture book lovers or just the curious to reading committees. There, new children’s picture books, often tested in the field, are read, presented and analyzed.
Read With Me organizes meetings for its network and offers conferences all over France. We also offer workshops-conferences or meetings-debates to raise awareness of the issues of shared readings.
Read With Me organizes symposiums, colloquiums, alone or with partner structures, and is regularly invited to conferences in France, and sometimes in Belgium.
Project coordination
Read With Me offers a methodology for jointly developing projects of different natures and sizes. It is always a question of developing in partnership reading actions around the book on a territory, taking into account what is already done.
Working groups
A working group is an exchange of practices, to deepen the reflection on a theme related to children’s literature. Everyone brings their picture books, their experience, their questions and their observations.
Read With Me intervenes in the context of literary events, festivals, forums, symposia, fairs and children’s book festivals, festive highlights or during any event where the book finds its place.
Literary cafes
Read With Me regularly offers times dedicated to discussions and readings in the context of reading cafes, reading snacks, nursery rhyme cafes, literary cafes… whether with children, families or adults.
Since its beginnings, to transmit, testify and share, Read With Me publishes publications or participates in collective publications. Some can be ordered from Read With Me.
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