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Read with me organizes colloquiums alone or with partners and is regularly invited to speak at conferences and professional days all over France.

Read with me Colloquiums

We organize symposiums on themes that are essential to us.

This makes it possible to feed the network and renew this inextinguishable link between field experience, research, reflection and creation.

Each time, it is a question of valuing the richness of these field experiences which are not spectacular but oh so beneficial.

January 21 and 22, 2016 - Reading with baby, a never-ending story - Arras and Lille

Coming soon

Half-day colloquium: Teenagers, stories passers

Publication forthcoming

Jan. 21 and 22, 2016
Arras and Lille

National meeting Reading with baby, an endless story

Co-organized with the Agency when books connect.

March 16 and 30, 2011
Arras and Lille

Colloquium Middle school students, stories passers

Sept. 25 and 26, 2008
Arras and Lille

Parents, children, books, anniversary colloquium “The 20 years of Read with me”.

Co-organized with the Agency when books connect.

Oct. 10, 2000

Day of reflection What if we read in the hospital and in the maternity ward?

Publication of a brochure in 2011.

1998 and 1999
Nord-Pas-de-Calais region

Regional meetings on The professions of early learning to books.

Co-organization with AME Services and La Maison de l’éducation Lille Métropole.

Publication of proceedings in June 1999.

Participation in the organization of symposiums

Read with me participates in the organization of conferences with partner structures.

This is particularly the case with the Department of Pas-de-Calais. Read with me is a partner and participates in the steering committee of the professional days organized every two years by the Departmental Media Library as part of the Operation “We are never too young to read“, (labeled “First Pages” [Premières Pages], French national cultural program). These days combine theoretical input and feedback from the field.

  • 2022 – December 8Arras and by video: 5th professional day: Reading, tracing, writing the letter and the image – Program HERE
  • 2021 – September 24Arras and by video: 4th professional day: Attention, it is cultivated! – Online program and videos HERE
  • 2018 – November 12Arras: 3rd professional day: Reading from the cradle – How sharing reading from an early age can prevent illiteracy? – Program HERE and video of the morning HERE
  • 2016 – November 21Saint-Omer: 2nd professional day: General states of reading to toddlers in Pas-de-Calais – Program and audio recordings HERE
  • 2015 – November 23Grenay: 1st professional day: Welcoming toddlers with the body, the voice, the words – Program HERE
Affiches des journées
Posters of professional days
November 12, 2018 - 3rd professional day
Reading from the cradle - Arras - Pas-de-Calais
Participation in symposiums and professional days

Read with me is regularly invited to conferences in France or Belgium, whether for:

  • a communication,
  • a round table,
  • lead one or more thematic workshops,
  • moderate a day,
  • show one of our films.

We can also develop new proposals according to the needs expressed.

In a symposium, a conference or a work seminar, we also offer readings of picture books to punctuate the day, by offering sensitive and poetic breaths.

Our communications cover topics related to sharings of picture book readings, including:

  • the challenges of readings’ sharings aloud : : prevention and fight against illiteracy, books in the development of the child, readings in the construction of the parent-child bond, enriched relationships between children, families and professionals thanks to the readings, picture books and literacy, shared readings and insertion…
  • practices with different audiences: testimonies and reflections on the readings shared with toddlers, children, parents and families, adolescents, adults, vulnerable audiences,
  • the specific actions of Read with me: reading welcome for parents in schools, parent-reader actions, middle school students passing on stories, reading in PMI, picture book and dyslexia…
  • the picture books : choice of picture books, picture books a literature in its own right, picture books and adolescence, picture books for all ages of life, themes from our working groups, views on the work of certain authors-illustrators.

List of our previous interventions on request. Contact us.

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