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Read with me organizes meetings for its network and offers conferences all over France. We also offer workshops-conferences or meetings-debates to make parents and professionals aware of the benefits of shared readings aloud.
Conferences organized by Read with me

Every year, we offer two to three conferences to our entire regional network to explore themes that inspire us.

Participation in these meetings is free and requires prior registration. These conferences are most often face-to-face but can sometimes be offered by video.

We invite thinkers and academics, professionals and specialists in children’s literature.

Alongside the proposals from libraries and bookstores, we also invite authors and illustrators.

Latest conferences proposed by Read with me:

  • June 2023: Cécile Boulaire – academic specialist in children’s literature – Roubaix
  • March 2022: Cécile Boulaire – academic specialist in children’s literature – Visio
  • June 2021: Adrien Albert – author-illustrator – Visio
  • March 2020: Michel Galvin – author-illustrator – Lomme
  • October 2019: Dominique Rateau – speech therapist, president of the Agency when books connect – Lomme
  • June 2019: Jeanne Ashbé – author-illustrator / Maureen Vasseur – reader trainer – Arras
  • March 2019: Corinne Dreyfuss – author-illustrator / Emmanuel Julien and Rafaële Rudent – trainer readers – Lille
  • November 2018: Joëlle Turin – specialist in children’s literature – Lomme
  • June 2018: Katy Couprie – visual artist and author-illustrator – Lille
  • November 2017: Evelio Cabrejo Parra – psycholinguist – Lomme
  • June 2017: Ramona Badescu – author – Lomme
  • November 2016: Florence Gaïotti and Eléonore Hamaide-Jager – researchers specializing in children’s literature – Roubaix
  • April and November 2015: Yvanne Chenouf – teacher, researcher, specialist in children’s literature and learning to read – Lomme
  • November 2014: Michèle Petit – anthropologist – Lille
  • March 2014: Joëlle Turin – specialist in children’s literature – Lomme
Request Read with me for a conference

A need ?

We respond to specific requests and offer thematic content at conferences, in particular from our working groups, in the regions, in France and elsewhere.

We can combine conference and training.

We also offer this content in the context of conferences.

Some examples

  • Onomatopoeia in picture books
  • Views of parents
  • Picture books and dyslexia
  • The work of Emmanuelle Houdart
  • Bestiaries in picture books
  • Read in PMI (maternal and child protection centers)
  • Reading picture books with baby
  • Reading with teenagers
  • Read with adults
Workshops and Conferences-Debates

Raising awareness and informing parents, volunteers and professionals are essential areas of work.

Any form is possible: conference-debate, workshop, presentation of picture books, exhibition, film screening…

This can concern:

  • the issues and benefits of reading out loud
  • the richness and choice of albums
  • how to read a book aloud to your child
  • etc
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