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Literary cafes

Read with me regularly offers times dedicated to discussions, readings in a more intimate and friendly setting: coffee-readings, snack-readings, coffee-rhymes, literary coffees… whether with children, families, or adults.

Tea or coffee?

Convivial times that can be conceived as a specialty with several ingredients:

  • First of all, take an audience, consisting of children, families or only adults.
  • Then a basket full of books on the requested topic. The latter can play on all registers… children’s picture books, poetic or romantic, artistic collections, etc. A profusion of foodstuffs written to satisfy everyone’s taste.
  • Plan an intense preparation upstream so that this moment lasts. The public is asked to participate in the various activities offered, in the form of games, manipulation of books in order to read an extract themselves if they wish.
  • Discussions take place and sharing is present. Reading islands are created spontaneously with young and old alike.
  • The number of participants is unlimited, it is the size of the room that decides, room that we make as warm as possible.
  • You just have to determine the time, the duration and everything is started! Morning, afternoon or evening…
  • The structures always know how to welcome us with a coffee or a drink of friendship.
  • The moment is intended to be relaxed and memorable for all to remember!
The "Literary Breakfasts" with the association FCP
Petit déjeuner littéraire de FCP 2021

Read with me takes part in the “Literary Breakfasts” led by Corinne Gosset from The Pre-Training Workshop [Atelier de Préformation] of the Culture Prevention Training Association (Formation Culture Prévention – FCP) in Marquette-lez-Lille (59), with adults from the “Culture and Integration” scheme .

A group of participants prepares readings of poetry, children’s books, stories, extracts from novels that they share with the public.

Petit déjeuner littéraire de FCP 2021
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