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Shared readings

Every year, Read With Me hosts reading sessions for more than 200 projects. The readings are aimed at everyone, from birth to old age, with priority given to “vulnerable” people or people who are far from books and writing. They take place in multiple locations, with the commitment of multiple partners.

An approach to share readings

Sharing readings means favoring moments when the person can listen to and look at the book they have chosen, cultivating their pleasure and their desire to read.

It means respecting the state of reverie provoked by various images and reading aloud, without encumbering it with questions or comments, while remaining attentive to the relationship, its reactions and answering its questions.

And it means not confining it to the only language of everyday life but offering it without counting a rich and varied literature, generous with words from the simplest to the most sought after and with a syntax with all the colors of the times.

The readers of Read With Me thus develop their approach to reading aloud based on an action methodology :

  • We read the picture book by simultaneously giving to see the illustration and to hear the text, because that is how the children’s book was created.
  • Whether with a baby, a child, a teenager or an adult, we offer a free reading, without expressed expectations, respecting the permanence of the text, adjusting to the rhythm and freedom of each.
  • The so-called children’s book is at the heart of our proposals, whatever the age. We bring books that touch us and that we love, chosen according to the people we meet, with a concern for diversity and quality.
  • Depending on location, we offer one-on-one or small group readings, or both. Individualized reading allows everyone to listen to the story of their choice and to discover the books brought at their own pace.
  • When possible, we invite parents, families and those around them to listen and read the stories with the children.
  • We seek the presence of professionals from the structures that host us to transmit, raise awareness and train. Because the reading sessions also have a training dimension.
  • We favor long-term projects.
  • Observations based on interactions around the book contribute to the evaluation of these shared readings.
A reading project?
To set up reading sessions in your structure, let’s discuss and build a suitable project together.

How to finance your project?

Cities and structures that develop projects can also benefit from public and/or private financial aid in France:

– Family Allowance Funds
(REAAP – French Parenting Support Network)
– Europe
(ESF – European Social Fund)
– French State

(City policy, Educational City, PassCulture or other measures)

– French Regions
(City policy, fight against illiteracy)
– French Departments
(especially for middleschool and Maternal and child protection centers)
– CNL – French National Book Center
(for libraries)
– Sponsorships
(foundations, companies, etc.)
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