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Project coordination

Read with me offers a methodology for jointly developing singular projects of different natures and scopes.

Singular projects

Whether in one place or in several, it is always a question of developing reading actions around the book in a territory, taking into account what is already being done.

The coordination of each project is based on partnership.

This makes it possible to associate the structures and people involved in a common purpose, each at their own level, and to anchor the project in the respective expectations, initiatives and realities on the ground.

The methodology involves several phases with variable geometry:

  • Development of the project with the partners concerned
  • Development of reading places in the structures involved
  • Interventions by readers of Read with me
  • Animation of training courses on the sites concerned, based on field experience
  • Programming of additional actions: reading committees, working groups, conferences, publication of documents, etc.
  • Organization of follow-up and review meetings.

This process promotes the anchoring and dissemination of shared readings.

In the context of more advanced partnerships, Read with me can sometimes be entrusted with the coordination of projects in a territory.
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