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Reading committees

Read with me organizes reading committees each year and contributes to the organization of committees and selections of picture books for partners.
Reading committees for Read with me

Each semester, we invite professionals, salaried or volunteer readers, lovers of children’s picture books or just the curious to reading committees.

There, new picture books, which we have been able to share with audiences, are read, presented, and analyzed.

We make our selections as a team mainly thanks to scouting in independent partner bookstores in the region, which graciously lend us the picture books presented.

And we most often offer these committees in partnership with the libraries that host us.

We organize around ten committees in several towns in the Nord and Pas-de-Calais regions. Once a year, we also offer a reading committee by videoconference to our entire network.

Committees are free entry.

Would you like to attend a committee?

=> The dates are published on Facebook and in our news.

Team reading committee preparation

Would you like to attend a committee?

=> The dates are published on Facebook and in our news.

Organize your own reading committee

Read with me contributes to the organization of reading committees on novelties or specific themes, on behalf of partner structures, in particular municipal, inter-municipal or departmental media libraries, or territorial early childhood services.

These committees can be proposed face-to-face or by video.

We train the structures to organize a reading committee:

  • Analyze a picture book,
  • Read a picture book aloud,
  • Animate and organize a reading committee.
Baby committee of March 19, 2022 in Marly (59),
organized by Le Nord Departmental Media Library, with the participation of a reader from Read with me.
Tiot Loupiot “Favorite” Prize – Droit de cité & Pas-de-Calais media library

Every year, Read with me participates in the pre-selection and selection of children’s picture books for the “Coup de coeur Tiot Loupiot” prize for 0-6 year olds that Droit de Cité Association organizes in conjunction with its eponymous festival, the Tiot Loupiot Very Young Audience Festival.

This literary prize is supported by the Department of Pas-de-Calais through the You’re never too young to read operation developed by the Departmental Media Library (operation leaflet HERE).

Read with me contributes to the mediation of the Coup de Cœur by leading training and support times: analysis of the 6 picture books of the final selection, reading aloud and role-playing, joint reflection around the Prize.

The training courses are organized by the Pas-de-Calais Departmental Media Library for participating librarians and Early Childhood professionals.

Bibliographies Let's Read Baby! - North departmental media library

Read with me has been contributing since 2019 to the development of the “Let’s Read Baby!” bibliographies.

It is a selection of around sixty picture books for toddlers and professional books, published by the Nord departmental media library as part of its Premières Pages actions.

Distributed in the department, these first two editions are also available online: 2019-2021 / 2022-2024

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