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The North Safeguarding Association

Founded in 1957, The North Safeguarding Association is an independent and secular association which, historically, has built its project around the needs related to childhood and which today is aimed more broadly at people, children, adolescents, adults, and to groups in situations of economic, social or medical vulnerability.

It promotes respect for human rights, the fight against injustice and social inequalities, the refusal of discrimination, solidarity and responsibility in the spirit of the republican pact: freedom, equality, fraternity. Support and growth are at the heart of its associative project.

To do this, The North Safeguarding Association offers its multidisciplinary expertise in the fields of addiction, disability, social inclusion, child protection and health. It includes a hundred services, including Read With Me.

The Child Protection Unit

Read With Me is a device for access to culture that is part of the Child Protection Pole of The North Safeguarding Association.

All children have the right to protection and assistance as well as an environment to be able to play their full role in society, in accordance with the International Convention on the Rights of the Child.

It is in the name of these rights that the Child Protection Unit intervenes in the education of children in vulnerable situations to enable them to grow up in responsibility and freedom.

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