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Essential training courses

Different modules to share readings

Programs to be adjusted according to the training beneficiaries
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Reading with children under 3 is always an adventure… It requires constant adaptation to toddlers. An internship that gives the basics to dare to get started.
A session that explores the sharing of picture books aloud to allow anyone to initiate reading times with children, individually and in small groups.
Rich in the experience acquired with parents over the years, we support each parent here to become familiar with picture books and reading aloud and to nourish their desire to read.
A session to study the basics of analyzing a picture book and share advice and experiences in order to make your own choices according to the audience and the project concerned.
Reading aloud makes texts accessible and lively. A work of the body and the voice to gain ease and accuracy of interpretation in his readings.
An exploration session of the traditional children’s repertoire and picture books with nursery rhymes to integrate them into readings or during specific times.
Based on many experiences, this session aims to explore different ways of involving parents, in conjunction with partners.
A session to discover literary proposals including the picture book, in order to share them with teenagers, especially with learning difficulties.
A session to explore literary proposals (texts, poems, songs, theater and picture books) in order to share readings aloud with adults.

All these sessions can give rise to further training courses.

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