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Work groups

Read with me regularly organizes work groups open to all, on various themes around children’s picture books and reading practices. We can also animate groups on behalf of a partner structure.
Participate in Read with me work groups

A working group brings together about twenty participants; it is an exchange of practices, to deepen the reflection on a theme related to children’s literature. Everyone brings their children’s picture books, their experience, their questions and their observations.

Open to professionals and volunteers, these groups are led face-to-face or by video by two readers of Read with me who offer an intensive presentation on the theme as an introduction.

There are many possible themes. They allow us to revisit our libraries of children’s picture books, in connection with the public and reading practices.

Onomatopoeia in children's picture books
Saint-Martin-Boulogne - 2018
The observatory of reading practices: a specific group

We regularly organize an observatory with the psychologist Marie-Claire Bruley, around observations on reading situations, in order to enlighten our practice.

Previously reserved for salaried and voluntary readers, this observatory has been open since 2022 to our entire regional network.

Observatoire Marie-Claire Bruley - Lille - 2017
Observatory with Marie-Claire Bruley - 2017
Bestiaries: bringing books to life and letting animals live!

In 2021, we offered several bestiaries, in spring and autumn, which addressed the presence, symbolism and reception by children of certain animals in children’s picture books.

The giraffe, the earthworm, the owl, the snail, the elephant, the fox, the duck, the ant were thus invited to our meetings.

These bestiaries are a fun opportunity to revisit their albums, to discover new ones, to make connections, to enrich their reading grid and their knowledge of children’s picture books.

Directed by Evelyne Cameleyre - Read with me
Organize your own working group

At the request of interested structures, we can take up topics already covered or respond to specific requests.

Working groups can give rise to training or conferences.

Sélection albums Tout Lire Tout dire - Lis avec moi
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