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Work in partnership

We don’t do anything alone, and that’s fine.

Work with others

  • With children, adolescents, their parents and those around them, with young and older adults,
  • With structure professionals, funders, institutions and associations,
  • With the books, which themselves carry the stories offered by their creators.
In a reading project, it is around the book that the meeting takes place and that the complementarity of the missions and expectations of each person is articulated. In its own way, the book makes a connection, and allows the reception of the plurality of approaches and points of view.
Each project has its own partnership dynamic, with its specificity, its scale (from local to national), its temporality (punctual or regular) and its scope.
Public policies

Actions in favor of reading are part of national and territorial public policies that support several dynamics, in particular around:

  • the importance of the early years of the young child
  • the artistic and cultural education of the person, in connection with his entourage
  • access for all to culture at all ages of life
  • of the fight against illiteracy
  • school dropout prevention
  • of the fight against exclusion.

The artistic and cultural awakening of the young child in connection with his family is particularly at the heart of current issues.

Read with me works with communities and structures labeled in the French national programs Leaving in Books [Partir en livre] and First Pages [Premières pages], developed by the French Ministry of Culture.

Financial partners

Our work benefits from the faithful and important support of public and private institutional partners.

They finance us, sometimes since our beginnings, for the missions with which they are invested in the service of the Common Good, with a commitment all the stronger as our region remains marked by multiple socio-economic difficulties.

We thank them very much.

Field partners

The places where we read

Each project is built with the structures involved and associates the other actors concerned, in the first place the library of the sector.

These are the field partners.

Intervening in a place and on a territory means taking into account what already exists.


Municipalities and intermunicipalities

Essential partners, because of the many areas of expertise where actions with the book find meaning:

  • culture
  • childhood and youth
  • social work
  • health
  • education
  • city ​​politics
  • professional training
  • learning
  • job
  • occupational integration

French National Education 

A leading partner (intervention in nursery, elementary, middle and high schools in the Lille and Amiens academies), in conjunction with local authorities and the Ministry of the City. Read with me collaborates with school teachers, French teachers and school documentalists.

Libraries and media libraries are essential players, whether municipal, intermunicipal, associative or departmental.

As are the independent bookstores, which combine proximity and professionalism for the distribution of books.

Network partners

Finally, we collaborate with a wide variety of actors, partners of a network built around common projects, exchanges and reflections, training, conferences, meetings and working groups, so many opportunities to feed and learn from each other.

Long-term relationships, mentoring to promote reading in all its forms, from an early age, in particular within the national network The Agency when books connect.

Conference "The classics" Lomme - 2018

Read with me is a member of The Alliance for Reading

Read with me is a member of the Alliance for Reading, a collective of more than 70 structures, which reminds us that reading is a fundamental right that must be promoted.

The Alliance has been labeled by the Prime Minister Great National Cause 2021-2022 as part of the Year of Reading.

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