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Working group: observatory with Marie-Claire Bruley

Working group: observatory with Marie-Claire Bruley

Friday, November 18, 2022 from 9:30 a.m. to 12 p.m.

at the La Grand Plage Library
2 Rue Pierre Motte - Roubaix - France
Free and essential registration

A meeting where attention, presence, movement, body and gaze were discussed…

Based on a reflection on observation, Marie-Claire Bruley addressed the question of the attention abilities of toddlers, their needs to manipulate objects in the world and books, the attention of adults to everything -small.

And we reflected together around a few questions:  

  • How does toddler attention develop?
  • Between the bodily mobilization necessary for its development and a form of agitation, how to observe the child and accompany him?
  • How can storybooks for children help toddlers with their attention and thinking skills?
  • How can “interactive” children’s book proposals participate – or not – in this construction of attention?

Marie-Claire Bruley is a psychologist, author or co-author of numerous articles and books on nursery rhymes and lullabies. She is a member of the national network When Books Connect and has worked for a long time at ACCES.

The principle of the observatory: it is a question of communicating in advance observations of children and/or parents in a reading situation, from which Marie-Claire Bruley offers an analysis and lines of thought.

The observations make it possible to show and bring to life the reflection on the readings, around a few questions: Why observe? What is “observing”: what and how? How to make sense of the observations?…

No obligation to send observations to participate in the observatory, but all observations are welcome, and we really invite you to dare to send some by October 31; Marie-Claire will make a choice among all the observations received.

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