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A new website:

A new website:

In the waiting room of the PMI [Maternal Child Protection]

Readings shared with children and their families, in partnership with professionals

In 2021-2022, reading, a factor of social inclusion, was declared a Great National Cause. In this context, thanks to the support of the National Book Center and the assistance of the Ministry of Solidarity, Autonomy and People with Disabilities, the Agency when books connect wished to reaffirm the importance of encounters with children’s books in PMI’s waiting rooms by producing new resources for professionals, elected officials and the general public: a brochure, a series of podcasts, an evolving bibliography and an online photography exhibition. With this project, it is a question of continuing to raise awareness and mobilize care, health, social and cultural professionals, but also elected officials and institutions, to the essential nature of these readings shared with all- children and their parents.

Valuable resources to enhance the work done and encourage its development. Their production was coordinated by the Agency when books connect and by a steering committee made up of 15 reader associations including Read with me, 2 departmental media libraries, 2 independent readers and a doctor from PMI, members of its network.

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