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5th Professional Day
Read, trace, write letter and picture

5th Professional Day
Read, trace, write letter and picture

Thursday, December 8, 2022 - 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Louvre-Lens Museum

Organized by the Departmental Media Library of Pas-de-Calais, the Louvre-Lens, the Agency when books connect and Read with me-The Safeguard of the North

In connection with the exhibition “Champollion, The path of hieroglyphs” at the Louvre-Lens, this 5th professional day offers the opportunity to (re)discover writing and its “reading” by toddlers.

This 5th professional day is aimed at all those concerned with reading to toddlers: early childhood and childhood professionals, librarians, cultural mediators, parents, trainers, educators, teachers…

Images, traces on paper, letters come to life and make sense for the child at the heart of a story told to him, through the voice of a reader or the sharing of children’s books.

By revisiting the original link between the letter and the image and the history of writing, this day will be an opportunity to meet creators who will testify to their exploration of materials, signs and graphic representations to create a work. A day to wonder, through interventions, workshops and readings: What does the child do who spontaneously plunges into plastic exploration? How do the little ones invest in and read the works, with all their bodies, all their senses, in children’s books as in museums? How to accompany them in this adventure of reading letters and images?

Conferences and workshops with Marc-Alain Ouaknin, Katy Couprie, Coline Irwin, Jeanne Ashbé, Read with me, the Louvre-Lens and the Pas-de-Calais Media Library.

As part of the operation “ONE IS NEVER TOO SMALL TO READ” – Labeled Première Pages.

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